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Water pearls

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These water beads are super fun for sensory play. Place the small, dry water pearls in water. The pearls absorb the moisture and grow in volume, this takes 6-8 hours. When they are ready you can play with them!

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Product information:
Age: 3+ with adult supervision
Material: Made of non-toxic, environmentally friendly resin. 100% biodegradable
Time: the pearls need 6-8 hours to grow.
Size: They grow about 9-11 mm
Content 22 grams

(1 jar is sufficient for a small play area
For our large play bowl, we recommend 1.5 pots.)

Note: If you only order water pearls, the pearls will be sent in a sealing bag. This is because our standard jars unfortunately do not fit through the letterbox.

water pearls cannot be combined with wooden toys.