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Pixio Pixoplasma

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PIXIO® PIXOPLASMА: the five elementary color particles. The universe and everything in it is made up of charged particles - so essentially we all live in an infinite magnetic block set. PIXOPLASMА contains five colors: yellow, orange, red, pink and violet. Like the particles that make up our universe, these colors attract each other to create cosmic mergers.

Product information:

Age: 6+
Dimensions: 0.8cm x 0.8cm x 0.8cm
Contents: 60 magnetic PIXIO blocks in 5 colours
Extra: Download the pixio app

The PIXIO app is an integral part of the PIXIO magnetic building set. It allows you to create hundreds of different works of art following interactive instructions. At the same time, you can use the PIXIO app without a kit and assemble your art in digital format only.

The PIXIO app offers a wide range of possibilities for creators and fans of pixel art and voxel art. Create your 3D pixel art in the Studio. Post it in the art feed. Get feedback from the community in the comments. Follow your favorite artists and constantly update your art collections. Get inspired by thousands of artists around the world and enter competitions. Get real magnetic blocks to bring your creative ideas created in the app to life. All this is waiting for you in the new PIXIO app!