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Eco-Friendly Junior Rainbow Pebbles

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The eco Junior Rainbow Pebbles® are made from natural Fiber Particulate Composite (FPC), an agricultural waste product of rice stalks and rice husks. Each pebble has its own unique natural grain and the double-sided activity cards are designed in natural color tones to match the pebbles. Kids will have a lot of fun with this construction and manipulative early math. Ideal for developing fine motor skills, counting & sorting and creative design.

The set contains 36 pebbles in 3 shapes and 6 colors, with 8 double-sided activity cards.

FPC* has the following ecological benefits:
• Degrades in the environment
• No pollution - reduced energy and water consumption in manufacturing

Supports the following learning areas:

• Physical development - motor skills
• Personal development - sensory
• Understanding the world - color
• Mathematics - count & sort, pattern & sequence

* FPC is a vegetable product that biodegrades in the soil into miniscule particles that are not harmful to animal life.

Product information:
Pebble size: 7cm x 2.9cm, 5.5cm x 4.5cm, 3.9cm x 3.6cm.
Age: 1.5 years