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Materials Chest Fall

Anders nog iets?

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A beautiful box with wooden forest floor toys from the brand Tender Leaf Toys. Wonderful open-ended toys. A comprehensive open-ended craft box that allows your little one to sort, stack and organize their bunch of treasures. The lid is removable and can be turned over and used as a chalkboard to create your forest floor.

The wooden compartments can also be removed and the box filled with sand to create a magical forest.

6 x gray flat pebbles,
4 x versatile rocks,
3 x cone trees,
8 x twigs,
1 x snail,
1x moth,
6 x small mushrooms,
1 x large mushroom,
10 x leaves,
2 x acorns,
3 x beetles,
4 x tunnel pieces
1 x bird egg.

Product information:
Size: 30.5cm x 30.5cm x 6cm
Age: 3+