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Letters Alphabet Silicone

Anders nog iets?

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Transparent pink silicone letters that are strong, soft and pliable and can be used in everyday play - in the sandbox, on the floor, on a light panel and in water. In a school-friendly font, they are useful for demonstration purposes, for display, or for children to use on their own. Ideal for playgroups, nurseries and primary schools, the sets are easy to clean after use in soapy water or in the dishwasher. Arrows indicate the direction for correct letter formation.

Supports the following learning areas:

• Communication & Language - literacy
• Understanding the world - color
• Personal development - sensory
• Physical development - motor skills

The kids were immediately attracted to this because the colors were bright and eye-catching. They loved it and said it was like pancakes! They are excellent for number and letter recognition and for counting or spelling. The dots also encourage counting and matching. The children enjoyed following the shape of the numbers and letters, which promotes correct formation.

Product information:
Size: 12 cm.
Age: 3+