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Wooden Treasures Super Set

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A generous set of beautiful smooth wooden shapes inspired by nature and discovery. Each treasure shape comes in 3 shades of 7 organic colors that symbolize emotional attributes and the senses. There are two color variants of mushrooms/nelsons and stones/tokens. The treasures will stimulate imagination, appeal to logic, discover creative ability, develop coordination and improve fine motor skills. Use to create pictures and stories, practice counting and sorting, design patterns and sequences.

Red = strength, energy, love
Orange = creativity, self-awareness, transformation
Yellow = wisdom, learning, happiness
Green = physical healing, nature, caring
Blue = emotional healing, tranquility, inner peace
Purple = spirituality
Brown = stability, comfort

• We do not bleach our wood before applying the colour, which emphasizes the varied and fascinating properties of the natural material.

Supports the following learning areas:
• Physical development - motor skills
• Personal development - sensory, collaborative play
• Expressive art and design - imaginative play
• Understanding the world - color
• Mathematics - counting and sorting
• Mathematics - pattern

Product information:
Size: ± 3.5 cm - 4 cm.

Contents: 30 x 14 treasures (10 in each hood). Includes cotton bag.
Age: Suitable from 3 years.