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Play bin

Posted by maxime steenhorst on

A play box offers a lot of playing possibilities.

You can work with a lot of materials in a play box. Sand, water, play rice, water pearls, nuts, stones or shells. The possibilities are enormous! By adding trays, scoops or toy animals, your child develops creativity in his play. Children get to know different structures and materials with their senses and this is good for their development. Motor skills are also trained.

In addition to creativity and motor skills, sensory play can also contribute to your child's stimulus processing. Just relax and unwind, "de-stimulate"

Let your child mess around with materials. Sand is gritty and soft. Water is wet and liquid. Put them together and the structure changes or fill a container with sand, hide some hazelnuts in it. Can your child find all the hazelnuts?
Let them discover it. What an experience!